Do you trust Hillary? 66% in a survey said NO! Is she corrupt? Is she a liar? Is she just stupid? Or all 3? How can anybody vote for her!

With everything going on I want to quote Eleanor Roosevelt. It mirrors my feelings about our current conflict in the Middle East.
I fully support the action in Iraq. These are terrorists and accordingly must be dealt with as such.

Freedom has a price, and that price is courage. Liberty remains under threat from the forces of tyranny and fanaticism: the American Dream is always under siege, and each succeeding generation of patriots must protect it.

In faraway places and here at home, evil is alive and well; it must be met with righteous indignation...and sometimes force. When despots threaten to shred the fabric of civilized societies, we, as responsible citizens, must respond. When terrorists seek to destroy our way of life, we must rise up and defend our homeland. When criminals of any kind threaten our safety and our lives, we must fight back. To do otherwise is to abandon our principles, and, ultimately, our freedoms.

We gain strength, courage and confidence every time we look fear in the face. What is true for individuals is also true for nations: we gain courage by acting courageously. May we, as torchbearers of liberty's flame, do no less.

If you want to know whether the Iraqis are grateful or not, read this letter to the President.
It’s Time We Refocused Our Commitment To Winning the War on Terror And Supporting Our Troops!
Then join with the millions of Americans who are uniting to “Move America Forward” to win the War on Terrorism.
Letter To The Hollywood Left



"We created the internet, we built it out, and we made it into a success. If you don't like the fact that we control it, then you can kiss our American *sses."

"So, all you weenies at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum can shake your little fists in the air impotently for as long as you want and rant about the United States, but it's not going to make one iota of difference."

"We're not handing the internet over so you can tax it, so that petty UN bureaucrats can make themselves feel important by regulating it, and so that totalitarian nations like China, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia can demand changes in the way that the net works to make it easier for them to control it."

"That's how it is and how it's going continue to be -- like it or not. So debate it all you like, it's not going to make one bit of difference."

John Hawkins

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Reflection on Freedom

We Americans of today, together with our allies, are passing through a period of supreme test.

It is a test of our courage--of our resolve--of our wisdom--our essential democracy.